Saturday, July 16, 2011

Random #1

So, I think I'm going to do a series with this blog. Once a week, I'll try to do a landowners rant. Just me posting photos, and talking about things that went on during the week, things I've seen, thoughts I've had, etc. Here's my first attempt. Here we go:

  • Shoutout to Camden Park Commons! My apartment complex threw a pool party for the residents and supplied a KEG! Talk about some drunk people, including the leasing agents and the maintenance men! There was a DJ throwin' down the tunes and my girl Monica was there with her sister, who looks exactly like her. BTW, did I mention that Monica is bangin'?!!? Yeah, she is. Oh! And I won a free carpet cleaning and a Tyler Perry DVD #Winning
  • I need to get on my grad school fix. I want a M.Ed in Higher Ed./ Student Affairs and/or K-12 Education Administraiton. I want to find a program that could work with me to do both at the same time or give me one thing and certification in the other. Then I looked into Educational Leadership and Policy... I think that just might be the one.
  • Hangover 2.. Hilarious. Holla! City of Squalla!!!! LMAO
  • I need a new wallet. The one I have is getting to beat up and too small for all the cards.
  • Ya'll ever played Blast Monkey on Droid or iPhone? Its pretty amazing. You should download it.
  • Oh yeah, I got drunk as shit Tuesday night. Thank you Bad Dogs on the Boardwalk for your 1.00 you-call-it drinks. That Vodka cranberry and Rum Pineapple definitely had me on lean....haha. Woke up sick Wednesday, and went back downtown on Thursday for AA5 (Alive After 5).
  • Did some time at the Creek.. Classroom was ready to organize stuff. Did a little bit, but nothing strenuous.
  • So at AA5, this woman walks by. Tall, slender and MASSIVE TITS. I mean MASSIVE. She had the audacity to wear a corset... Paint the picture. Go ahead, I'll wait......
I think that's it for now. This was interesting and random as hell....hahaha.


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