Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Prescription for a Power Outage

Afternoon Saints! Hope everyone is well. Man, I'm on the ball with this whole blogging thing. I told myself that I wouldn't update that much but I've been on it.. Go me. :-) Its gon' take me a while to get through this post because I'm cooking Sunday dinner as I type (Fried Chicken, cabbage, baked macaroni and cheese and home-made cornbread. A true southern meal. I will definitely make my future wife happy.)

Went to church this morning... Ebenezer Baptist Church. The one church I found in Charlotte that reminds me so much of Mt. Zion Baptist back home. Good crowd, good music, and you can always expect a good Word. I took some friends with me who had never been and they really enjoyed it. This Sunday happened to be a Youth Explosion Sunday, so the pastor got the congregation a little crunk by doing some chants and the youth praise team did a little dance. Then it was time... PREACHIN' TIME.

The actual pastor for the church is out on sabbatical and will return Aug. 7. We had a guest preacher whom I've heard before when I first visited. His name: Reginald Sharpe. Yall, this young man is 19 years old and can tear the HOUSE DOWN! His sermon: the Prescription for a Power Outage (2 Chronicles 20:1,12).

He began by reading a "letter" that he received in the mail from King Jehoshaphat (click for more information). This letter contained information for a Prescription for a Power Outage. By "power outage", I mean when you feel like giving up. There's nothing there to help you move on, you are at the bottom of the barrel-- you're considered being in a power outage. You have no one to help you, and you've just given up.

But in the story of Jehoshaphat, his kingdom was getting ready to be attacked by the Moabites, Ammonites, and the Meunites (Verse 1). Jehoshaphat's kingdom was not ready for this,so he and his people lifted their heads toward the heavens and said "We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you" (Verse 12). So he came up with this prescription:
  • 1-surround yourself with people who are assets to you. Don't keep in contact with those leeches. If you know those who are leeches, change their number in your phone to "Leech."
  • 2-Pray to seek assistance. Whenever you can't sleep at night, stop counting sheep and call on the shepherd. (That one spoke up to a lot of people, including me.)
  • 3-Your past will give you some assurance. Look back and see what god has already done for you. Clearly if he has worked for you in the past, He'll continue to work for you.
  • 4- Your perspective must be at the right angle. Keep your eyes on the Lord. If you keep your eyes on Him, your blessing will come.
He ended the sermon telling that King Jehoshaphat and his people ended up defeating the 3 groups all by keeping the faith in Jesus. After a mini shout fest, and people praising, he ended the sermon with this song:

Yall, this sermon was soo good. It made me realize about the whole situation that I'm going through (Post: I Guess It wasn't Meant To Be). I've felt like i was in a Power Outage. But going back and thinking of all the blessings He has given me over these last 25 years I can't complain. I know that it will be coming soon and that it will be great.

Frying chicken now, and everything else is done. I pray that yall have a blessed week.


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