Saturday, July 16, 2011

Guess It Wasn't Meant To Be

So about 3 weeks after school let out. I've began looking for summer jobs. When it comes to me being picky, this is the one thing I am really meticulous about. When it comes to a job:
  1. I don't to food service/restaurants. I don't like working around other peoples' food and can barely stand them working around mine.
  2. Retail (Target, Wal-Mart) no. If someone walked into a store and decided to catch an attitude with me looking like 'who shot john in a pig pen', I will probably tell them about themselves. Also, kids go there a lot with their parents and I may know the kids. Ain't got time for that.
  3. I like customer service and interacting with people. I'm a very social person, which is why I was heavily involved in college.
  4. I want something that's a little more than minimum wage. I hold a full time job with benefits that pays wayy more than a full time job in a restaurant or retail. Ain't got time...
Giving my guidelines, I decided to look into hotels and stores that sell specific things (Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, Teaching Stores). Hotels would be fun because you meet all kinds of people from other states and countries. Specialty stores are cool because instead of worrying about where this piece of clothing is, or this section in the massive store, you can focus on the key thing of that store and pin point them to that location.

I've applied to all of those places and have yet to hear back from either one of them. I've given the 1-2 week waiting time and made the phone call to check the status of the application, I've even emailed the managers. Yet, it seems like no one wants to hire a teacher for a full-time position for the summer and part-time during the school year.

But then I sat back and thought... maybe this was a way for God to say, "BJ... Enjoy your summer. Don't worry about anything and things will work out." Which is, scary enough, the exact same thing my mom told me when I went home the other week. I have enjoyed my summer; I've visited the people I wanted to see, did some of the activities I wanted to do, and now I'm just ready to go back to work. I hate sitting at home. I wake up, fix breakfast, walk around the apartment, clean here and there, fix lunch, nap, clean, watch television, fix dinner, watch tv, and do it all again the next day. I feel like I'm going through cabin fever.

Majority of the teachers I work with think I'm crazy because I want these last 39 days to hurry up but in all honesty, I love my job. I'm on a constant routine every day. Plus, kids are hilarious and you never know what's going to unfold in the classroom.

A friend of mine convinced me into doing tutoring. I don't mind it, the sucky thing is that it's not a constant schedule. Its this day, or that day; this time or that time, and I hate that. I'm a very structured person. I'll give it a shot and see how it goes...


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